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Welcome to the World of the 16Crayons and
music for children by singer-songwriter
Celeste Friedman!

Photo by Ken Van Dyne
2005 GRAMMY Nominee, singer-songwriter, composer and author Celeste Friedman presents original children's music and Song & Story collections.
The winner of the Ohioana Citation Award in Music Education for 2005, Celeste's programs inspire not only children, but parents and educators alike. You can learn more about her contributions to early childhood education on this web site. For more on all of Celeste's music, please also visit: OisforOhio.net! and Songs For Charlie Music!

Have a Kindle or Kindle Fire? Check out Celeste's eBooks for kids. Learn more on the "New Stuff" page!

Celeste is the 2010 Indie Track of the Year Award winner in The Netherlands!

Celeste doesn't just write for kids. After releasing her first country CD in 2007, her ballad, "Wild Horses" was chosen as one of the 50 featured songs from 50 songwriters from the USA, part of the compilation CD, "All States All Stars", shipped to our troops overseas! Ms. Friedman was selected again to be part of the 2009 project, "Operation 11.11.09", featuring her song "A Home Run".
If you'd like more information and want to support our troops, please visit: Music For Troops.com!

Released in March of 2009 is a collection of Celeste's live performances at the famed Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee in the CD, "Live at the Bluebird Cafe". Released in June of 2009 is a collection of Celeste's inspirational, Christian and Gospel tunes in the CD, "The Tide". You can purchase a copy of these great CD's on CDBaby and iTunes!

Congratulations to Celeste on GrIndie Award!
author: RadioIndy.com
RadioIndy is proud to present Celeste a GrIndie Award for her CD "Live at the Bluebird Cafe."
A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating Celeste on this accomplishment. To purchase a copy, visit CDBaby at this link:
"Live at the Bluebird Cafe"

Hi Everybody! This is Celeste and welcome to the world of the 16 Crayons! They are my 16 colorful friends who travel throughout the planet, coloring everything they see, inspiring us all with creative ideas! If you'd like to learn more about them, go to the The 16 Crayons page.
For the latest update on my programs and performances, check out the New Stuff page! Thanks for stopping by!

Film Festival Official Selection!
“The French Kitchen” has been officially selected in the Kids First! Film Festival. "The French Kitchen" is a production of Chiron Films,Inc. Cee French Harth and Paul Harth executive producers, Music score by GRAMMY nominee and composer Celeste Friedman.
Read more on Celeste'sNew Stuff page!

Got Music?

Celeste's Listening Room

"K.I.D.!" . . . Celeste's catalog of children's music includes 16 albums, 7 CD singles and 6 song & story collections. You can dance and rock out with your mom and dad and the whole family to ten of these original tunes from Celeste and Craig.

i-Tunes and Rhapsody are your one-stop shopping spots online to download "K.I.D." tunes for only 99 cents!
Or buy the entire CD online right here . . . just click on CD's and Tapes!

Music Choice
Thank you Music Choice for featuring our music from "K.I.D.!" Listen on Digital Audio Cable!

Celeste also brings you "Keltic For Kids", "The Jelly Bean Jam" and "Readapalooza Volume One" . . . Order yours now!
There's more music from Celeste like the Theme of The 16 Crayons, the music of "O" Is for Ohio!", even her CD's for Halloween and Christmas!

You can also purchase a copy of "K.I.D.!" on CDBaby.


The Latest KID News . . .If you'd like a copy of our latest issue of the KID GAZZETTE, just Email us and we'll send you one fresh off the K.I.D. press!

Hey! Check out the picture to the right of our Earth Day celebration at Cherry Valley Elementary School!
Look out below . . . it's our wonderful reading friends at the Hartford Library, where everyone is winning awards for reading excellence!
And . . .click on Celestes' pic above and you'll see Celeste and Craig with some of our crayon friends! COOL!

Cherry Valley School - Newark, Ohio.
Photos courtesy of DKG Internet Services

Award Winning Hartford Elementary Reading Group!

Share "O" Is for Ohio with your school and community! . . . learn more by visiting OisforOhio.net!

Where in the World are The 16 Crayons???

Did you know that The 16 Crayons travel around the world with their friends, the coloring books, to color pictures of everyone, every place and every thing they see?

Hey! Here we are, The 16 Crayons, with our latest report:
We've just finished writing our debut screenplay with Celeste!
Guess what? It's a musical!
It features colorful songs about us, The Sixteen Crayons and yeah, well, those crazy coloring books get to sing too!
We hope that our story, "The Quest of the Sixteen Crayons" is presented in theaters around the world someday! Maybe, we'll even light up Broadway!
Our theme song is available right here online- check it out!

Visit our Readapalooza Page!

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