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Guide to Turquoise Coast’s Travel Escapade

The most effective method to Get There

Both Fethiye and Antalya have close by worldwide air terminals which interface with most European urban communities. Once there you can undoubtedly arrive at any of the objections recorded beneath, either by transport or by leasing a vehicle.

Turkey has a solid and reasonable transport framework working all through the country. In case you’re now in Istanbul and don’t have any desire to take an interior flight, you can arrive at Fethiye or Antalya by taking a direct for the time being transport. Check times and costs on

When to Visit

One benefit of Turkey is its long summer, with temperatures remaining warm enough for the sea shore from April right through to mid-November.

Best Places to Visit Along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

While Fethiye and Antalya are both pleasant urban areas by their own doing and unquestionably worth visiting, it’s the spots in the middle of where you’ll truly discover the turquoise blue water and excellent sea shores. In the event that you can, thusly, start in either Fethiye or Antalya and cross the coast to complete in the other, halting at the accompanying objections en route.


Fethiye is an enchanting little city with a long harbor fixed with bistros and cafés, wonderful to go for a relaxed walk along day or night. It likewise has an energetic and brilliant Old Town with shops, cafés and bars. Meander through and stop for a super cold Efes, the neighborhood Turkish lager.

One thing you should visit while in Fethiye is the Lycian Rock Tombs. Just a short stroll from the focal point of town, these great burial chambers were worked by the old Lycians in fourth Century BC. The stone burial chambers are cut into the bluff face, and the biggest and most significant burial chamber, the Tomb of Amyntas, poses a potential threat over Fethiye. Climb the means dependent upon it for an extraordinary photograph opportunity just as astounding perspectives over the entire of Fethiye.


Around 10km from Fethiye sits Oludeniz and its exquisite long sea shore and well known Blue Lagoon. In the event that this is your first taste of Turkish sea shores, you are in for a treat. Oludeniz Beach loosens up to make a characteristic tidal pond, with wonderful completely clear water. Go through your days here sunbathing on the sea shore or paddleboarding on the quiet ocean.

Butterfly Valley and Kabak Valley

Assuming you’re searching for separated heaven sea shores, look no farther than Butterfly and Kabak Valley. While these are still without a doubt a mainstream vacationer location, the trouble to get to them implies they stay away from the groups that regular the Blue Lagoon and hold the possibility that you’re on a heaven sea shore.

Lycian Way

Be that as it may, assuming you like climbing, the most ideal approach to see both the valleys is by climbing along part of the acclaimed Lycian Way.

The Lycian Way is a 540km trip around the bank of Lycia from Fethiye to Antalya. It’s one of the extraordinary significant distance climbing trails on the planet, yet at an expected 29 days to finish the journey, you might not have the opportunity nor the energy for the entire thing. Yet, assuming you’d prefer to finish part of it, the climb from Oludeniz to Kabak Valley is awesome.

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