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Guide to Turquoise Coast’s Travel Escapade

The most effective method to Get There

Both Fethiye and Antalya have close by worldwide air terminals which interface with most European urban communities. Once there you can undoubtedly arrive at any of the objections recorded beneath, either by transport or by leasing a vehicle.

Turkey has a solid and reasonable transport framework working all through the country. In case you’re now in Istanbul and don’t have any desire to take an interior flight, you can arrive at Fethiye or Antalya by taking a direct for the time being transport. Check times and costs on

When to Visit

One benefit of Turkey is its long summer, with temperatures remaining warm enough for the sea shore from April right through to mid-November.

Best Places to Visit Along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

While Fethiye and Antalya are both pleasant urban areas by their own doing and unquestionably worth visiting, it’s the spots in the middle of where you’ll truly discover the turquoise blue water and excellent sea shores. In the event that you can, thusly, start in either Fethiye or Antalya and cross the coast to complete in the other, halting at the accompanying objections en route.


Fethiye is an enchanting little city with a long harbor fixed with bistros and cafés, wonderful to go for a relaxed walk along day or night. It likewise has an energetic and brilliant Old Town with shops, cafés and bars. Meander through and stop for a super cold Efes, the neighborhood Turkish lager.

One thing you should visit while in Fethiye is the Lycian Rock Tombs. Just a short stroll from the focal point of town, these great burial chambers were worked by the old Lycians in fourth Century BC. The stone burial chambers are cut into the bluff face, and the biggest and most significant burial chamber, the Tomb of Amyntas, poses a potential threat over Fethiye. Climb the means dependent upon it for an extraordinary photograph opportunity just as astounding perspectives over the entire of Fethiye.


Around 10km from Fethiye sits Oludeniz and its exquisite long sea shore and well known Blue Lagoon. In the event that this is your first taste of Turkish sea shores, you are in for a treat. Oludeniz Beach loosens up to make a characteristic tidal pond, with wonderful completely clear water. Go through your days here sunbathing on the sea shore or paddleboarding on the quiet ocean.

Butterfly Valley and Kabak Valley

Assuming you’re searching for separated heaven sea shores, look no farther than Butterfly and Kabak Valley. While these are still without a doubt a mainstream vacationer location, the trouble to get to them implies they stay away from the groups that regular the Blue Lagoon and hold the possibility that you’re on a heaven sea shore.

Lycian Way

Be that as it may, assuming you like climbing, the most ideal approach to see both the valleys is by climbing along part of the acclaimed Lycian Way.

The Lycian Way is a 540km trip around the bank of Lycia from Fethiye to Antalya. It’s one of the extraordinary significant distance climbing trails on the planet, yet at an expected 29 days to finish the journey, you might not have the opportunity nor the energy for the entire thing. Yet, assuming you’d prefer to finish part of it, the climb from Oludeniz to Kabak Valley is awesome.

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Don’t Miss These Cities When in Taiwan

Taiwan is a popular tourist destination in Asia Pacific. Honestly, there are lots of places to see in Taiwan but if you’re only staying here for a couple of days it is impossible to see them all. Of course choosing the best places to see can be an overwhelming task especially if it is your first time to visit this country.

So let us accomplish the difficult work for you, with our rundown of the best five must-visit attractions in Taiwan.


The one-time tallest structure in the world may never again be a record holder, yet it is as yet one of Taiwan’s greatest structures and certainly justified regardless of a visit. The 728-ton mass damper that permits the structure to endure the island’s numerous seismic tremors is a stunning bit of designing and can be seen from different angles inside the structure.

National Palace Museum

Home to perhaps the biggest assortment of Chinese magnificent relics, the National Palace Museum offers a surreal view of China’s past. The large number of items on display were saved by Chiang Kai-Shek’s legislature as they fled territory China during the social upset.

Yushan National Park

One of the most excellent national parks in Taiwan, Yushan National Park is the setting for the nation’s tallest mountain alongside a few other beautiful pinnacles, for example, Sanqingshan. The place can be jam packed with tourists especially during peak season. If it doesn’t bother you at all, you should come and spend a couple of hours in this wonderful spot.

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is the biggest waterway in Taiwan and an incredible goal for a short excursion. There are scores of hotels situated around the lake which is occupied with yachts taking travelers from one side to the next. There is additionally a trolley here that takes you to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

Winged serpent and Tiger Pagodas

Situated on the edge of Lotus Lake, a grand region in the core of Kaohsiung, these two pagodas are potentially the most well known attractions in the port city. Guests enter the sanctuaries through the mythical beast’s and tiger’s mouths. When you reach the mountains, you can only stare and admire the beauty of the lake. Make sure you exercise safety and follow directions when riding the pagodas.

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The Best Hotels in Germany

River cruises on the Rhine and Maine and the Cruise Season – these are just a few reasons why tourists would love to visit Germany. But have you planned where you stay throughout your vacation? Well, it’s not so hard to look for a comfortable place to stay in Germany. You can see a variety of hotels in every corner in Germany but what would confuse you is where you would want to stay. How do you know if it is a great place to stay? That is what you are going to find out here.

 Bayerischer Hof

If you are in Munich, you can stay at Bayerischer Hof, a traditional hotel with outstanding accommodation and friendly staff. It will give you a comfortable stay throughout the night through its rustic setting and slightly modern rooms.  Although this hotel was built in 1841, you would not see any traces of the interiors getting old. Bayerischer Hof is fairly affordable and close to many facilities around the city.

Schlosshotel Kronberg

What was once a private residence of a German empress is now a stunning hotel.  If you want a bit of royal experience, this hotel is perfect for you. It features an English-style country mansion with gothic exterior. We love its historic resonance, warmth, and guest-friendly staff. The hotel features a bar, room service, sauna, fitness, center, and a gold course.

Mandala Hotel

If you want to steer clear from the German style and influence, you can stay at the Mandala Hotel, which features a zen-like serenity amidst the bustle of the city. We love the innovative top floor and the Michelin-starred dining on Potsdamer Plats is absolutely awesome! Nothing beats the freshness and delicate ambiance it offers to tired tourists.

Mandarin Oriental Munich

Recent major innovations made this hotel even more stunning. The Mandarin Oriental Munich is a favorite go-to hotel for travelers and locals because of its rooftop terrace and swimming pool. There is also a restaurant within the hotel that serves mouth-watering delicacies.

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Top Tourist Destinations in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second city in Brazil famed for its staggeringly beautiful location, captivating culture, amazing greeneries, and the most popular Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

 Anyone who has visited this city must be so lucky to have seen a surreal creation. When we think of Rio de Janeiro, the first thing that comes to our mind is the giant statue of Cristo Redentor overlooking the city with his arms wide open. However, there is more to this city than just what we usually see on magazines and televisions. In this article, we have compiled the top tourist destinations that should be on your list when visiting this city.


Copacabana offers a perfect view of the downtown area and white sand beach on the other side.  The stunning beach is open to anyone who needs sunbathing or a cool ocean dip with its deep blue sea water that is rather calmer than other beaches.


Ipanema is more than just a brand of slippers. It is a continuation of the 4km strand of Copacabana that features an insanely long stretch of white beach. Despite the number of tourists coming here, the beach is surprisingly very clean thereby revealing its natural beauty. Relaxing at the beach is a great way to end a daylong excursion of local areas. Even so, the place is never short of its own attractions such as large hotels, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants.


If you happen to visit Rio de Janeiro in January, you will witness the popular Carnaval, an annual festival held four days before the Lenten season. Rio has the most lavish Carnaval with hundreds of performers on the street parade, gigantic booths, and samba parties. The route can reach up to 700 meters long and 13 meters wide with more than 5,000 spectators. It is the loudest, most culture-rich festival in Rio every year.

Tijuca National Park

The Tijuca National Park surrounds the giant-sized statue of Christ the Redemptor (Cristo Redemptor) and will give you the most amazing site of the whole city. To explore the park, you can ride a train up t o Corcovado and follow the road through the forest.

Teatro Municipal 

The Grand Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro is another beautiful place to visit. You can only admire its dramatic interior and luxurious façade as you tour around the place. With a guided tour, you can learn some historical stories about the place and attend classical concerts and ballet performances.

Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Monte de Carmo

This place used to be the Royal Chapel or Capela Real from 1808 to 1889. Tourists are welcome here to worship. However, a lot more people come here to view and admire its Baroque façade, stone doorways, and white gold carvings. The church also features complicated and sophisticated carvings and decorations.

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Most Attractive Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country of a thousand hills and more. This lovely country is nestled between hills and valleys with most of the land made use of for farming and the rest booked for conservation in the type of national forests. Below are some memorable locations that showcase Rwanda’s abundant culture and also wild animals.


While on the western circuit, stop by Nyanza– the historic resources with the royal residence of the former King of Rwanda. The area has a collection of 3 palaces– the very first is the standard grass-thatched palace, the second is the blockhouse where the King lived and also the third was built after the King saw Belgium. Unfortunately, he never stayed in it as he was exiled after the abolition of the monarchy for the central government.

Nyungwe Forest

Nyungwe Forest is an attractive tropical Forest including life. There have to do with 300 bird types and 13 primate species, as well as a host of butterflies and reptiles. This location has a number of tea ranches alongside the forest with gorgeous surroundings. Nyungwe is also the location for the famous cover stroll, which is a various way of seeing the forest and apes as they turn from branch to branch.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu, situated in western Rwanda, is shown to the Autonomous Republic of Congo. It is a terrific spot for relaxing, with a number of activities to maintain you active, including kayaking, boat trips, swimming, minimal sport angling, and also hot springs.

There are 3 main communities along the lake developed for tourist, specifically Cyangugu, Kibuye, and Gisenyi. Gisenyi is one of the most developed for site visitors, with Kibuye having fewer activities as well as Cyangugu the least established, yet with unforgettable views of the lake.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National forest, situated in northern Rwanda near DRC as well as Uganda, is house to the famous as well as endangered hill gorillas. Confined within the park are the Virunga volcanoes, specifically Mgahinga, Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Karisimbi, and also Bisoke. Activities to do in this park consist of gorilla trekking, gold monkey walking, bird-watching, hiking and also cultural or neighborhood experiences around the park.

Akagera National Park

Akagera National forest is located in eastern Rwanda. It is an impressive savannah park and the only park of its kind in Rwanda where one is able to do video game drives and appreciate different wildlife discoveries. Recently, lions were reestablished into the park after being exterminated from poisoning by cattle farmers adjacent to the park. More of the wildlife to look out for includes over 200 bird varieties, elephants, zebra, bushbuck, giraffe, waterbuck, hippos as well as crocodiles in Lake Ihema.

Famous Foods to Try in Rwanda:

  • Isombe 
  • Ubugari
  • Ibirayi



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Put Hawaii on Your Bucket List

There are numerous iconic spots in Hawaii that need to be seen by first-time visitors for them actually to believe; however, there are some less famous gems that most locals know about and are sure to be worthy of your time.

Hawaiian Islands

If you are considering spending your vacation in the Hawaiian Islands, then you must know there are so many activities to pick from on each isle. Each island in Hawaii has its distinct features and vibe, as well as a cultural history.

Oahu is one of the most visited islands in Hawaii, it is referred to as- The Gathering Place, it has the highest population of full-time residents within the island chain. There are so many famous sights to explore in Oahu such as Wakiki, Pearl Harbor, North Shore beaches and more.

The Island of Hawaii is often called The Big Island based on the fact that it is the largest isle in the Hawaiian Islands. Rich in culture and some geographical history, it also houses three active volcanoes, black sand beaches, amazing waterfalls, coffee farms, etc.

Maui is the most famous island in Hawaii for snorkeling, golf, watching tours, sightseeing and enjoying water sports.  We took a few friends and co-workers to celebrate 10 years in business for our little tow truck company in Mesa Arizona.  This island also houses the Pineapple Isle (islands of Lana’i) and the Friendly Isle (Moloka’i).

Also, there is the Garden Isle (Kaua’i) which offers every visitor a chance to fall in love with the lively and culturally diverse environment. Visitors can hike the Na Pali Coastline, see ancient taro fields, the Waimea Canyon and also learn Hawaiian culture and history in Hanapepe and Old Koloa Town.


  • Snorkeling
  • Whale Watching
  • Golfing
  • Sightseeing
  • Beach Hopping
  • Cultural Attractions
  • Surfing
  • Luaus
  • Spa
  • Hiking
  • Helicopter tours
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Zip lining
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Visiting Farmer’s Markets
  • Horseback Riding
  • Visiting the Local Farms
  • Stage Shows
  • Camping
  • Wind Surfing



Traditional Hawaiian Foods You Must Eat

Most of the traditional foods of Hawaii are brought from the Pacific Polynesian Islands. Now, the Hawaiian Islands include a diverse demographic of ethnicities individually adding to their on flavors.

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India is Rich in Culture and Beauty

Wherever you turn to in India, you’ll find out there are numerous things you to do and sights to see that are surely new to you.

There are so many experiences you mustn’t miss on- is it the fascinating or rewarding or shocking or educational or even the confusing ones? Every day of your stay will surely involve seeing, hearing or knowing a new thing. Some breath-taking attractions to visit include…

Taj Mahal

As we have it, there is no way we’ll make this list without making mention of this enormous mausoleum of white marble in Agra; it was constructed between 1932 and 1653 by the order of Mughal emperor- Shah Jahan in memory of his loving wife. Taj Mahal is also called “a teardrop on the face of eternity,” and it is one of Mughal’s architectural masterworks, and a great attraction in India.


Varanasi is situated on the banks of River Ganges; it is sacred to Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains. It is also one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Varanasi represents the best and worst parts of India in so many ways, and it can be a tad overwhelming.

Ellora Caves

In Ellora Caves, cave art is on a whole different level. There are one hundred caves in Ellora, and only thirty-four are open to the general public. These caves are devoted to Buddhists, Hindus and Jainism deities.

Harmandir Sahib

This place is better known as the “Golden Temple.” It is the main attraction for tourists in Amritsar, also being the most significant religious place to the Sikhs. Guru Ramdas Ji began the construction of this temple in the 16th century. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, in the 19th century, covered the upper floors of the temple with gold. This temple is super stunning, and there are like thousands of pilgrims here from every place of India.

Kanha National Park

This is one of the most lovely wildlife reserves in all of Asia, also one of the top places to see a tiger in India. The plush sal and bamboo forests, ravines of Khana and the grassy meadows were Rudyard Kipling’s muse for his popular novel – Jungle Book, and this made Kanha National Park one of the top tourist attractions in India.

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Visiting Scotland in the Spring!

Scotland, the U.K.’s northernmost country, is a land of mountain wildernesses, glacial glens (valleys) and lochs (lakes).Scotland’s  major cities are Edinburgh, the capital, and Glasgow. Here are a few recommendations  of things to see while visiting Scotland.

Loch Ness  

We have all heard the myth of the Loch Ness monster. So we have to go check out the lake, right?  You can enjoy your monster hunting by taking a cruise on Loch Ness. What a fun activity for the entire family.

Located in the Scottish Highlands this is a trip for the entire family. You can visit the castles, go bowling, botanical gardens, and shopping with charming boutiques and vintage shops.

Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle is an impressive fortress and military stronghold atop Castle Rock. This castle’s history is so intriguing. Make sure to see the Crown Jewel Exhibition and get a good view of the firing of the cannon.  You will get some great pictures and the view from the rooftop is gorgeous.

Due to the popularity of this attraction I would advise purchasing the Fastpass and avoid the long ticket lines.  To really enjoy the castle and see everything allow about 3-4 hours to make your way through. Be sure to stop by the  Tea Room and enjoy some warm tea and a snack.  

Stirling Castle

If you are a castle enthusiast then you need to visit Stirling Castle. You will enter a world of Scotland’s Renaissance kings and queens. The colors and craftmanship are stunning.

There are many things to see and do at Stirling Castle. If you take the free guided tour the staff are very knowledgeable and full of personality. This is a great place to take the kids. They have staff dressed in costumes that re enact how things were back then. Plus you can take pictures with them. There are many exhibitions throughout and the view from the castle is breathtaking.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will do alot of walking.  And before you leave stop by some of the charming cafes and restaurants in Stirling.

The Scottish Whiskey Experience

This is a fun and informative trip for all ages and very affordable.

Take a guided tour through a replica whiskey distillery and learn about Scotland’s national drink. You will learn about the production process, be introduced to a variety of aromas and taste the whiskey you prefer and you get to keep the crystal whiskey tumbler.  Children under the age of 18 can sample a famous Scottish soda.

The most fascinating part is seeing the world’s largest whiskey collection. Even if you are not a drinker this is still a fun time.  And you might just discover a whiskey to your liking.

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The Spectacular, Stunning Dominica Island

Dominica, West Indies is situated in the Caribbean on the eastern chain of Windward Isles. Dominica is one of the several places in the world where the coral is in incredible and excellent condition. This is a beautiful island with a high mountain range, underwater hot springs, waterfalls, and abundant vegetation, tropical rainforest. Life here is simple. There are hardly any resorts, and the tourists who visit the country are after hiking or diving opportunities rather than beach-combing. The geography of the island is entirely different from the other places in the area. The terrain is pretty rugged and wild making the transportation to run slower than usual – even for Caribbean standards. Prices, in general, are quite affordable. There are plenty of markets, and camping opportunities are widely available.

Scuba Diving

Dominica is one of the top three scuba diving localities in the Caribbean, and the top five in the world. Enjoy scuba diving sites that include the exploration of underwater wrecks and sudden underwater drop-offs.  Hot springs release constant streams of bubbles, and it is locally known as champagne. All who tour the island experiences the hot springs, but the experience is enhanced by scuba diving. Another way to explore the rich and beautiful waters of the island is by snorkeling.

Tropical Escape

Plan a getaway to this island and get the experience of a lifetime.  This small island offers mountain peaks as high as 4,000 feet with rain forests where 175 birds, tree lizards, butterflies, iguanas, extraordinary and wildlife live.  Plant life and tree ferns, flowers and vegetation cover the ground creating a colorful carpet. Ravines and gorges offer spectacular sites. Waterfalls form and cascade as streams and 365 rivers intertwine and travel across the island. The waterfalls areas are spectacular, sights that you will never forgot.

Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool is a lovely grotto in Morne Trois Pitons National Park that can be accessed by a series of trails that circle through the rainforest from the Visitor’s Center where the car park is located. As a result, you see foliage, streams, and occasional glimpses of Dominica’s mountains; a waterfall tumbles into the small pond, which is surrounded by rocky cliffs. The water in the pond is not very deep and is generally tranquil.

Things to Enjoy

Dominica offers whale and dolphin watching yearly. Hike through Dominica’s forested mountain highlands and the world’s second largest Boiling Lake. Hike to the Panorama Viewpoint, Titou George, and the Valley of Desolation.  A certified hike guide will accompany the hikers. Many of the Islands most beautiful waterfalls and sites are hidden deep in the dense forests. Hiking is necessary to see these unbelievable natural sites. Tour the Champagne and Forest Hot Springs.  Enjoy local foods such as tuna, green bananas, pawpaw, red snapper, and so much more.

Dominica, West Indies is a magnificent escape from the rush and hurry of the modern world.  Hideaway and escape in this magical tropical island. Experience the natural beauty of Dominica, West Indies.

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