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Don’t Miss These Cities When in Taiwan

Taiwan is a popular tourist destination in Asia Pacific. Honestly, there are lots of places to see in Taiwan but if you’re only staying here for a couple of days it is impossible to see them all. Of course choosing the best places to see can be an overwhelming task especially if it is your first time to visit this country.

So let us accomplish the difficult work for you, with our rundown of the best five must-visit attractions in Taiwan.


The one-time tallest structure in the world may never again be a record holder, yet it is as yet one of Taiwan’s greatest structures and certainly justified regardless of a visit. The 728-ton mass damper that permits the structure to endure the island’s numerous seismic tremors is a stunning bit of designing and can be seen from different angles inside the structure.

National Palace Museum

Home to perhaps the biggest assortment of Chinese magnificent relics, the National Palace Museum offers a surreal view of China’s past. The large number of items on display were saved by Chiang Kai-Shek’s legislature as they fled territory China during the social upset.

Yushan National Park

One of the most excellent national parks in Taiwan, Yushan National Park is the setting for the nation’s tallest mountain alongside a few other beautiful pinnacles, for example, Sanqingshan. The place can be jam packed with tourists especially during peak season. If it doesn’t bother you at all, you should come and spend a couple of hours in this wonderful spot.

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is the biggest waterway in Taiwan and an incredible goal for a short excursion. There are scores of hotels situated around the lake which is occupied with yachts taking travelers from one side to the next. There is additionally a trolley here that takes you to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

Winged serpent and Tiger Pagodas

Situated on the edge of Lotus Lake, a grand region in the core of Kaohsiung, these two pagodas are potentially the most well known attractions in the port city. Guests enter the sanctuaries through the mythical beast’s and tiger’s mouths. When you reach the mountains, you can only stare and admire the beauty of the lake. Make sure you exercise safety and follow directions when riding the pagodas.