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The Spectacular, Stunning Dominica Island

Dominica, West Indies is situated in the Caribbean on the eastern chain of Windward Isles. Dominica is one of the several places in the world where the coral is in incredible and excellent condition. This is a beautiful island with a high mountain range, underwater hot springs, waterfalls, and abundant vegetation, tropical rainforest. Life here is simple. There are hardly any resorts, and the tourists who visit the country are after hiking or diving opportunities rather than beach-combing. The geography of the island is entirely different from the other places in the area. The terrain is pretty rugged and wild making the transportation to run slower than usual – even for Caribbean standards. Prices, in general, are quite affordable. There are plenty of markets, and camping opportunities are widely available.

Scuba Diving

Dominica is one of the top three scuba diving localities in the Caribbean, and the top five in the world. Enjoy scuba diving sites that include the exploration of underwater wrecks and sudden underwater drop-offs.  Hot springs release constant streams of bubbles, and it is locally known as champagne. All who tour the island experiences the hot springs, but the experience is enhanced by scuba diving. Another way to explore the rich and beautiful waters of the island is by snorkeling.

Tropical Escape

Plan a getaway to this island and get the experience of a lifetime.  This small island offers mountain peaks as high as 4,000 feet with rain forests where 175 birds, tree lizards, butterflies, iguanas, extraordinary and wildlife live.  Plant life and tree ferns, flowers and vegetation cover the ground creating a colorful carpet. Ravines and gorges offer spectacular sites. Waterfalls form and cascade as streams and 365 rivers intertwine and travel across the island. The waterfalls areas are spectacular, sights that you will never forgot.

Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool is a lovely grotto in Morne Trois Pitons National Park that can be accessed by a series of trails that circle through the rainforest from the Visitor’s Center where the car park is located. As a result, you see foliage, streams, and occasional glimpses of Dominica’s mountains; a waterfall tumbles into the small pond, which is surrounded by rocky cliffs. The water in the pond is not very deep and is generally tranquil.

Things to Enjoy

Dominica offers whale and dolphin watching yearly. Hike through Dominica’s forested mountain highlands and the world’s second largest Boiling Lake. Hike to the Panorama Viewpoint, Titou George, and the Valley of Desolation.  A certified hike guide will accompany the hikers. Many of the Islands most beautiful waterfalls and sites are hidden deep in the dense forests. Hiking is necessary to see these unbelievable natural sites. Tour the Champagne and Forest Hot Springs.  Enjoy local foods such as tuna, green bananas, pawpaw, red snapper, and so much more.

Dominica, West Indies is a magnificent escape from the rush and hurry of the modern world.  Hideaway and escape in this magical tropical island. Experience the natural beauty of Dominica, West Indies.